Free Google Ads Script for Migrating to RSAs

script output

Get a spreadsheet with suggested ads

The script generates a Google Sheet with suggested RSA ads, making it easy to apply your own changes before uploading the new ads to Google.

ETA ad migrator

Use ETAs to Generate RSAs

The script uses your existing ad texts to suggest new RSA assets including headlines and descriptions.

Create RSA ads from ETA ads

Simply taking your existing text from expanded text ads and adding them to new RSA ads in your existing ad groups can boost conversions 7% at a similar CPA or ROAS.

Use this free script from Optmyzr to make sure all ad groups have RSAs. The script builds a bulk sheet with new RSAs for your entire account. It pulls text from existing ads and adds them as assets to suggested new RSAs.

After reviewing the proposed RSAs and making any changes you want in the spreadsheet, you can bulk upload it in the Google Ads UI.


Step 1

Copy the code

Copy the script code and add it as a new script in your Google Ads account. 

Step 2

Create the spreadsheet

Create a copy of this spreadsheet in your Google Drive. 

Step 3

Customize the script

Add the URL to the spreadsheet you created in step 2 to line 23 of the code you copied into your Ads account in step 1.

Step 4

Run the script

Run the script so that it will fill your spreadsheet with new RSAs from your existing ETAs.

Step 5

Review your ads

Make any edits you want to the suggested RSAs in the spreadsheet

Step 6

Upload your RSAs

Use the bulk upload feature in Google Ads to upload the new RSA ads from your spreadsheet.


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