PPC automation for more controlled, scalable and profitable ad management

Optmyzr customers retain their competitive advantage when ad engines level the playing field.

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PPC advertisers and growth marketers at leading companies love Optmyzr

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Managed 40% more ad spend by automating project management


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Spent 56% fewer hours on account management with automated rules


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Lowered cost per acquisition by 25% using a variety of tactics


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Get more value out of your ad budget

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Make time for what matters

Automate grunt work so your team can impact the business as well as the account

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Best-in-class support team

Highly rated on G2 with an average NPS of 72, we’re here to help you succeed

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Stay in control

Total visibility into what Optmyzr does, and never anything without your permission

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Increase conversion value

Deploy value-based bid strategies to maximize your ad budget

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Create tangible growth

Increase managed ad spend and deliver a better experience

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Evolving product roadmap

Regular software updates let you continue to work with ad platform changes

Consider Optmyzr an extension of your paid media team

Sam T.
Executive Vice President

Optmyzr is as close to perfect for a platform as you'll find out there. The Rule Engine alone is one of the best innovations in PPC management in the past decade. You can feel confident that Optmyzr's platform will continue to evolve to meet the needs of PPC pros in the coming years.

Justin Q.
Blu Zeus Technologies

Optymzr is bar none the best PPC management platform I've ever used. It pays attention to all the right things to harvest the most ROI out of your PPC campaign. The breadth of tools available in this platform will save you hundreds of man hours. The support always follows through on every ticket.

Angela M.
Paid Search Manager

Absolutely the best optimization software. Can not say enough great things about this product; a huge time saver. I love the ease of use and layout, and the report templates are beautiful. Our customer feedback has been nothing but positive.

Jorge P.
Training and Product Manager
White Shark Media

Optmyzr workflows and custom automation make our work more efficient. We have an exceptional support team who know PPC. One of the most helpful aspects of the tool is that it loads Google Ads data real-time. The level of connection that it has with Google's API is powerful and accurate.


Getting started with Optmyzr has never been quicker... or more secure

Connect your ad accounts, safely.

Linking your ad accounts with Optmyzr takes less than 5 minutes and is 100% secure. Only you can make changes to your campaigns. We currently support Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Ads.

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Get insights from the best source:
your own performance data.

Our insight tools show you recommendations, patterns, and growth opportunities that you might miss while doing things manually. Access audit tools and cause charts for a full picture of account health. Includes robust capabilities for search, shopping, budgets, bid management, and more.

They're your campaigns.
Optimize them how you want.

We believe paid media teams should be in charge of their PPC destinies. That's why Optmyzr plugs directly into the Google Ads API, allowing you to make changes to search ads, shopping campaigns, Performance Max, display placements, manual and automated bid strategies, and more.

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Be a better growth partner
with automation layering.

Optmyzr's automation sits on top of the ad engines, allowing you to control more of what happens AND focus on real growth.

Get alerts so you can monitor performance and spending even when you're not around. For more complex tactics, the Rule Engine lets you automate any process using simple "if/then" logic.

Let your data do the talking for you.

Optmyzr customers love our reporting capabilities. Select one of our templates or build your own using dozens of widgets. Then, automate report delivery so that your clients and boss always know how you're contributing to business growth.

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Optmyzr is a robust PPC suite. Allow us to show you around.